Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face...

LOVE Day 4

It goes without saying that I totally LOVE my family. So, like Leigh Ann my first few days of this month it is very easy to think of things I love.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little boy! He has brought endless amounts of sunshine to my life.

I love his big cheesy smile just like his mom's. I love his curly red hair. I love his easy going laid back personality. I love that he gets so fired up about his sports and takes playing by the rules very seriously.

I love that he says thank you for the little things I do for him. I love that he ends his prayers with "Thank you Baby Jesus". I love his sweet spirit.

I love his outgoing personality. He rarely meets a stranger. Young or old if you are willing to listen to him he is going to sit and talk to you. He is respectful and kind to others.

I love that he still gets up in the morning and the first thing he does is give me a hug and kiss. I love that he takes nothing for granted. I love that he is not afraid to show love.

I love everything about this little boy! I was blessed beyond what I imagined on September 18, 2001. In an instant my whole world was changed with one small little boy.


Leigh Ann said...

He is such a sweet boy! I love that he has your smile and your color hair, too.