Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going backwards...what we did in February...

I thought I would try to sum up the past two months in a few backwards/backdated post. The month of February was a lot of fun. We were busy.. but busy just like any other month of the year.

We played basketball.. lots of basketball... and I am so sad I didn't update more during the season. Ethan did very well and loved playing!! Scarlett enjoyed her cheerleading, but was glad when the season was over. Basketball took us straight into soccer, and soccer has taken us straight into baseball. I think this will be our perpetual calendar for many years to come. I just WISH we could find a sport Ethan enjoyed playing!!! ha!

In between our sports activities we planned a few field trips. We went to the State Capital during the Inauguration week and had a wonderful tour. They really enjoyed learning the history behind the capital. That of course led us to the Old State House, or "the old capital", as the kids call it. On our only cold and wintery day of the year we made the cutest "redneck" birdfeeder. The kids feared the birds would be too cold and have nothing to eat, so we searched the cabinets and found things that we thought they could eat. We toasted bread, crushed wheat crackers, and made our very own bird feeder. Daddy helped hang it up outside once we were done. Nothing like a milk jug bird feeder hanging in your back yard! :)On one of the semi warmer days in February we went to Pinnacle Mountain and walked the trails. The kids loved getting outdoors again. These two are in no way meant to be kept inside for long periods of time. They enjoy being outside too much!
I am pretty sure you are not supposed to be hanging on the branches in a state park, but the pictures turned out cute.. we got them off of them quickly.. or should I say their daddy corrected my mistake quickly.

and of course we had our Valentine's Day party. We got lucky and it was such a nice day! The kids were able to play outside, we made cards and cookies. Even some of the mom's got in on the action.
That just about sums of February...sure seems we were busier than that!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just because I need a good laugh today...

Today is Monday and I needed a good laugh and a reason to post my other five blogs to update what we have been up to. I have had the winter blues this past week and am happily coming out of it! This chubby man in the unitard definitely has helped me on my quest to laugh! Hope you get a good laugh, too! :)