Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been tagged! :)

I love playing along and I love being tagged. I was tagged by Shortone and was so excited! I have seen many variations on this and I have had to think really hard to come up with 6 random things about myself. So, here it goes...

1. I was involved in a little bit of everything growing up. I took piano lessons until age 19, twirled baton until almost 19, took ballet, gymnastics, and then started playing softball at 14. Of all the activities I really LOVED being a cheerleader. That was what I had always wanted to do and I enjoyed it so much. I wonder where Ethan gets his involvement from??? Guess I shouldn't really wonder.

2. I would have LOVED to be a child of the 60's. I think I am a little bit of a hippy at heart.

3. I love concerts! There is nothing like live music! I have sat through many concerts that I cared nothing about but still had a good time. I have seen everyone from Garth Brooks, Prince, U2, Kiss and so many more. I have been to all genres and actually enjoyed every show I have seen. I even saw Milli Vanilli back in the day, and I have sat through White Zombie.. that should tell you how much I LOVE music. My favorite shows by far have been Garth Brooks, who just can't be beat live, and Keith Urban.. for obvious, previously stated reason.. and my random fact number 4...

4. Laughing at Shortone's desire to be the next Ms. Jovi, I thought about my dream and my wish that I was Nicole Kidman.. AKA Mrs. Keith Urban. Hubby has been warned that IF he ever followed me home.. I would have to let him in! Until then a "Good Day, Mate!" every now and then from hubby will have to suffice.

5. I am such a kid at heart. If there is a noise to be made, a mess to be in, I am the one that will let my kids be right in the middle of all of it! I think there is so much to be said for hands on learning! :) It used to drive my husband crazy that I let the kids bang on pots and pans, paint in the floor, and wait until you see our sugar cookie baking day! :) That is A LOT OF FUN!!!

6. Lastly, this is a random fact about my husband, but will explain why I call him "hubby" all the time on the blog. I guess it is a random fact about me at the end of the story. I call "hubby" Jack.. but that is not his name.. that is no where in his name. His name is Kerry. I knew him as Jack for a while before I was told by a friend of his from Tennessee that JACK was not his name! Imagine my surprise! So, I can switch from Kerry to Jack and back again depending on who I am with . I call him Kerry around his family, and Jack around my family and friends. I have mastered the art of the quick switch. So, out of respect for his family I try not to do anything official or send anything out and call him Jack since I know that is not his given name.

So, now to tag six people to list six random things about themselves. I loved the way that Naomi listed her six people, she played a game and they had to guess. I thought I would give it a try. So I tag the following people...

YOU have the cutest kids, you don't blog near enough, and I know how creative your "funny bone" is, so you really should show us all your talent. I figure if I call you out maybe you will post something. :)

YOU also have two of the cutest kids, great hair, your little princess makes me laugh. :)

YOU have been so much fun getting to know. I just love your little boy and I am so glad HE is friends with my guy. You guys were just what hubby and I needed. :)

YOU are missed here at GNO! We need your spunk and your fire.. so I would suggest a trip down the interstate for the next GNO! :) We need sum Roachel time! :)

YOU have already been tagged.. but I am trying to get my six.. so you get tagged again. What can I say, my life at the mall, at school, and definitely GNO would be so different had I not met you WAY back in the 70's. :)

YOU are family. Family is so important to us and I am SO thankful that we have such a close family and such a BIG family! I love your kids and wish we got to see them more. :)

So, if you were tagged try to play along and tell us six random things about yourself.

and with that I am done blogging for the day! I am all caught up and it only took me eight hours to get it all down.

Apple Pickin', Soccer Playing, Museum visiting kind of weekend...

Now, I will get back to my usually scheduled post. :)

We visited the Apple Orchard on Friday and had the best time. The kids took a hayride through the orchard, we talked about Johnny Appleseed, and read "Ten Apples Up on Top". I just love Dr. Suess books! I think they confuse Ethan when he is trying to read them, so I may have to hold off on them for a little while longer. I don't need anything to mess up or progress right now.

Anyway, back to the orchard. The kids picked four apples a piece, and then we had a picnic lunch. We are going to bake our apple pie tomorrow during school time. It is amazing how many things you can learn from a simple apple pie bake!

Here are some pictures from our trip. Ethan could not wait to climb up in the little trees to get the "big" apples! :)

Scarlett and her friend, Karlee, before gathering their apples.

Ethan and Scarlett with their sack of apples.

Saturday morning we had a early soccer game. I do not like anything before 10am! But this week, I was not so lucky we had to be at the soccer fields by 8:45. UGH!! Off we go to wet grassy fields. Yippee! Ethan is so funny about his sports. He may not always play the best but he is going to look extremely serious. He just had to have this headband and wristbands. He looked like such a soccer player! It cracks me up. I enjoy watching him play soccer, baseball, anything.. it is so much fun to watch your children to something they love and even more fun watching them really "get it". Ethan's soccer team is 4-0, so they are having a great year.

Getting ready to throw the ball in. The little boy to the far right was so cute! He would yell at his team and tell them "Come on guys, don't let them get "weady"!" everytime his team was throwing the ball in. He was a very serious soccer player.

Ethan heading towards the goal...

After the soccer game we went to the Museum. The day did not go as planned but I think it was better than planned. We had the neatest guide at the Arkansas Historic Museum that had "Toys of Yesteryear" and she was so great with the kids. I have never seen these three sit so still and listen so well to anybody! She showed them about 25 toys, let them play with each one and even shared her lunch with Scarlett before the boys noticed and wanted in on the action, too. :)

Here the guide is teaching them the game Mancala. They were very into her stories, it was fun and educational. You gotta love that!

I think when we first approached the museum, and the guide was in character the kids were a little taken back at first but they quickly caught on and laughed right along with her and had the best time.

They walked on stilts, stick pony races, potato sack races and so many more games! The kids were exhausted.. or atleast they should have been! But it was so much fun.
after the museum the boys had a baseball game. They played against each other AGAIN! I think they are getting used to it, it did not seem to phase either one of them. One time Ethan had a hit and while running the bases he was stopped third, which is where Hayden was playing. They were talking and laughing! Thank goodness they are still too young to care who's team they are on, or what the score is, it only matter that at the end of the game they are still friends.
That was a quick update, but some of the pictures were too cute not to share. :) Thanks Ms. Nancie and Hayden for spending the day with us. Tell Mr. Harold we are sorry we kept Hayden out before the ball game. :(

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I always feel like I am playing catch up! Usually I am catching up with my very own mind. My mind is always racing ahead of my body! Today, I only have my blog to catch up on. I am hoping to get lots of fun things posted but I decided to start here; My awesome time at GNO on Friday night! Nothing can bring you back in control and make things right like a good laugh and a good time with your girlfriends.

I have been so blessed with so many friends. I have made new friends over the years but I have always had my "besties". Thinking about old and new freinds brought to mind a little "ditty" LAH and I were taught in Brownies (It's okay to laugh at all that now, LAH) "...Make new friends, but keep the old ones; One is silver and the other gold". Kind of made me realize that these girls are GOLDEN!

I have not been able to attend our monthly GNO the last couple of months and I have really missed it! We had so much fun Friday night, even though the movie (I think I suggested) was a real snoozer (right, Toni?). I wanted it to be really funny with lots of things to laugh about. The reviews were good, but it did say that was a "mature" "Sex and The City". I think we decided that maybe we were just not mature enough to find the humor. :(

I just love laughter! It is so contagious! We always laugh A LOT when we are together. Rather it is funny things that happen to us, or venting about husbands and kids, we find the humor in everything! A lot of things are not nearly as funny when you tell someone else (Unfortunately, hubby didn't quite think the shower cap story was funny, LAH).

All that has led me to what I found this weekend. I am trying to start getting a few things packed up and I was going through old pictures and I found some real treasures. Hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane. :)

This picture is from WAY back in the late 80's. Wow! Just look at those bangs. Back then we had nothing to worry about but our hair and make up. Don't you miss those days! It is so funny to see how we all have such perfectly teased and sprayed bangs. Do you remember the techniqued used to get that look????

I know this picture has some of the outsiders a little confused. This was our moment of glory. Our shining moment. We were OGHS Puttin' on the Hits Winners 1990! We worked so hard on "Summer Lovin". LAH, Tina and I were pretty cool T-Birds, and Kim was the perfect Sandy.

Here we are the class of 1991. Ready to take on the world and thought we had it all figured out. We are missing a few of you. Where were the two Abby's???

and here we are ten years later in 2001 at my baby shower for Ethan. Yes, I am the really large chick in the middle with the bows on my head. Thanks guys for making me look so gorgeous! ha! That day was so much fun. We had all waited for so long for LAH to get pregnant and we told everybody that she was at my shower. Of course, I don't have a very good "vault" so I had already told Abby, who was not supposed to tell, but she told LAH that she knew, and they both decided not to tell me that they all knew. Did you keep up with that?? Anyway, we were so excited and came up with a great way to tell the group that she was going to have a baby, FINALLY!!! We all had fortune cookies, and they could read their fortune or share a piece of advice, and LAH went last. When it was here turn she read her "fortune" and it said "A Bundle of Joy will arrive for you, in March 2002". It was great to see the look on some of the faces as they finally realized what she was saying.

We have always had so much fun together. I could bring pictures out for days but I have so many other things to blog about so I will stop here.

Here's to the best group of "besties" around! May we always be able to share a good laugh, a good time and GNO! Love you guys!

Friday, September 26, 2008

And the winner is...

Well, the egg drop challenge was a success! The kids both designed and built their egg cradle and dropped it from their playset. It took three trys, but we finally managed to successfully land an egg without breaking it. We talked about Gravity, Inertia, Mass, and shock absorbers. They decided that straws were not enough of a "shock absorber" once the egg hit the hard ground. :) The kids did so well. We compared an elephant and a mouse and which one would have more inertia. Scarlett summed it up pretty well "the elephant has more 'nertia because it is fat."

Here is Scarlett working hard to put her egg cradle together. They learned really quick how important a parachute was and how it could slow down the fall of the egg.

Our first unsuccessfull attempt to drop an egg. It was pretty messy. Of course Scarlett was right in the middle of the mess.

and finally a successfull egg drop. Yippee!

Then we talked out objects traveling at the same rate of speed. It was so neat to watch them hypothesis that the big ball would land before the egg. Once the test was over they concluded it was a tie. That objects dropped from the same height WILL hit the ground at the same time.

Ethan wrote in his journal once school was over and I asked him to draw picture of what he had learned today. He learned that your MASS stayed the same even in space, hence the drawing of the person on the moon. :) and gravity is what brings things down, the person with a parachute falling to the ground.

They are both up early and ready to go on their first field trip! They are so excited. We are headed to the apple orchard. Today is Johnny Appleseeds Birthday, how appropriate it that! :)

Last time, we picked 40 pounds of apples!! We had apple pie, apple sauce, apple juice, caramel apples.. you name it we made it! Hopefully this time we will not pick quite so many apples.

Have a great day! I will post more pics later. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just another day at home...

Today the kids had another great day of school and I must say Scarlett is doing FABULOUS! I am so proud of her! She does have to take very frequent breaks but that is fine, I totally understand. I am most happy that she is starting to ease up on herself. Today she did her math work and even did a few of the problems all by herself! I was so proud of her. She was proud of herself, too. She hung her math work on the refridgerator for her daddy to see when he got home from work.
Once school work is done we do a WHOLE lot of THIS...

and then some of this...

Today the kids did this...they tried to rub two sticks together and get fire; and no they did not ever get a fire started. I was sure enjoying watching them try. The moved all over the yard as if that had anything to do with why the fire was not starting. :)
After all this we went to the library, after a quick stop to Sonic for my Route 44 Diet Coke with Lemon during happy hour! :) It was so funny, I was pulling into my stall and the kids are yelling, "NO! NO! Daddy said NO! That we have to stop going to Sonic!". Let me tell you, I told them real fast I would like to see their Daddy tell me not to get my drink at Sonic. :) ha! Ethan told me he needed to see my phone so he could call his daddy. He could not wait to tell on me!!! I saved him the trouble , I called his daddy for him and told him I was getting a drink, he talked to Ethan and told him he could have one as well. We really do not deprive our kids, I promise!

Next we met Daddy to do some things for the house. We are finally picking out our flooring and we have been getting estimates on laying the flooring. I am so excited to feel like we are ALMOST finished! We looked at light fixtures for our bar, and fireplace and hopefully this weekend we will finish that project. Lastly we had dinner at Sam's Club. Where else can you feed a family of four on TEN DOLLARS! YIPPEE!!

Wish me luck tomorrow. We are doing a "science project". We love making or doing things from Mad Science. Have you ever bought things from them? We love it. We have made dinosaurs, been a dinosaur curator and now we will do the EGG DROP CHALLENGE. Sounds like fun, huh? This is definitely a outside project. I bought a extra dozen of eggs just to be safe. They have already decided that they wanted to do the Bubble Experiment Lab next. That sounds almost as messy as this egg drop. I am sure I will have lots of pics of this disaster. :)

Hope everyone had a great hump day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"How to Bake and Apple Pie and See the World"

Today is the FIRST DAY OF FALL!!! Yeah! I am so excited! We have started talking about Apple trees and are planning our trip to the Apple Orchard. This time of year always has me so excited. Today we talked about apples. They go from bud, to blossom and from blossom to fruit. We painted apple stencil pictures. What a mess!!!! Tomorrow we will do more apple lessons and hopefully Wednesday make our trip to the Apple Orchard.

Every year we read the book "How to Bake and Apple Pie and See the World" when we get ready to go to to the apple orchard. It is such a neat book. It ties in so much geography during the book that it ends up being several lessons all rolled into one great book!

Much to my surprise out of all the ingredients in an apple pie only one originates here in the US. You got it.. THE APPLES! The book talks about going to Italy for Semolina wheat. You have to go to France to get a chicken to lay the egg. Then of course you must visit Sri Lanka to find the best cinnamon from the bark of the kurundu tree. Pick up a cow in England for fresh milk. Grab some salty seawater on your way to Jamaica for sugar. Finally, go to Vermont for the best apples. Can you believe all the different countries involved in making good old American apple pie? I look forward to this book every year with the kids.

Here are a couple of
pictures of our apple pictures we made today. Apple stencils don't work near as well as potatoes but they lasted long enough for the kids to stamp a few apples on their trees. :)

Long Weekend Wrap Up...

This has been a long weekend at my house! We started the weekend off on Thursday since it was Ethan's birthday and we played ALL day at the park with some friends. I found a Razorback cupcake cake and it was just perfect for my football loving birthday boy. The kids played so hard all afternoon at the park! I know I already mentioned the park but I now have pics to share.

Can you tell how tired all these kids look! They have been played non stop for over three hours at this point. They are tired and FILTHY!!!

I don't know if Ethan was ignoring Hayden or really didn't notice what was going on! ha! :)

Friday night we went to the Polish Karnawal. The kids had a blast! They look forward to the carnival every year. The games are easy enough and they always win lots of prices. They even have a flea market there and Ethan found these football pads that he just HAD to have! :) He then won a football my tossing it in the hole on the quarterback challenge. I am telling you this child is destined to be a football star in some capacity! :) Here is my sweet child in his Heisman pose with his pads and football! :) Isn't that funny!! Scarlett played all the games and won lots of prices. I think when all was said and done we had "spent" $40 but walked out with a cake, 2 pounds of deli meat, 2 liter Sprite, footballs and tons of other prices. Definitely worth the happiness of the kids. Between the kids taking pictures and the in and out of the camera my settings were changed so I really do not have any good pics from Friday night. But here is Scarlett playing golf. She just wanted some "face time" on my blog, too. :)

Saturday Ethan had his second fall baseball game and I had to work at Duck Duck Goose. Out of 123 items I sold everything but 8 items! I did really well! Definitely worth all my hard work for those few days.

All in all we had a very busy weekend! We are geared up for the week to start and do it all over again. :) I am already looking forward to GNO this Friday!!! Yeah!! I finally am going to be able to attend! I can't WAIT!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am the mother of a SEVEN year old.. OH MY!

Today is the day I have dreaded all month. I have become the mother of a seven year old! Yikes! That hurts my heart. At 3:38pm on September 18, 2001 my world changed forever! Oh, what a wonderful change it was! I have been so lucky and so blessed to be graced by God to be this wonderful child's mother. It is bittersweet watching your children grow. Today was a day filled with WHATEVER Ethan wanted and along the way we had lots of stories and lots of questions about the day he was born and "what he was like..." when he was a baby. Only a few times did I get teared up while telling a "my little baby" story. :)

My favorite book to read (aka cry while trying to read) to Ethan when he was a baby was "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. In the book the mom is growing old with her son and at each stage she quietly rocks him in her lap and sings "I'll love you forever, I"ll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be". At the end of the book, the son is a grown man the mom is very old and he sneaks in her room and rocks her and sings the song to her! You talk about a book that I NEVER made it through without crying and as I am typing this my terribly emotional self is crying. This book always hit so close to home. It made you think of the reality that they would grow up, but it also made you realize the fact that they will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be your baby! I recommend to any mother, read that book! It is not a bedtime story read, just a "every mom should read" sort of book. :)

Ethan's fun started last night. After his baseball game (which, I should say he had a great hit.. but I have no pictures.. no camera...AGAIN) we went to eat dinner at our favorite Mexican place, Senor Tequila. We told the water it was his birthday and he was SO RED in the face when they sang to him. He had the biggest smile! It was one of those smiles and one of those moments you always remember. I love the fact that something so simple can thrill this child beyond
understanding. :) Here are a couple of pictures of Ethan and Hayden during the singing and Ice Cream dessert. :) Scarlett was there, but at that very moment she has walked away for a short pout that "it is not her birthday and she didn't get any ice cream!)

Today we spent all day at the park! We had pizza, cupcakes, candles that would not light, drinks, balls and games. The kids had a BLAST! They all looked so tired! I did charge my camera batter and did take my camera to the park, I just forgot one thing... my card! Thankfully Ms. Nancie had her camera and I will upload pics as soon as I get them. :) I found a Razorback cupcake cake and Ethan LOVED IT! Had to have it!

This afternoon we had the make the stops for all the free birthday stuff! Toys R Us, Simon Gidgits Club, dinner and soccer practice. I am exhausted!!!

This is just a small list of things I love about Ethan at seven years old:

I love that he takes life in leaps! He is passionate about so many things. If he loves something, or if he even likes something he puts his whole heart into that one thing. He is a very dedicated child. I just love the faith of a child. I love that he is so artistic. Rather it is painting, coloring, or cooking. He loves to get in there and make a mess! He loves to create and use his imagination. Remember the pirate ship??? He will do things like that all day! He can create a whole world within his mind. It is such a wonderful thing.
Most of all I love that fact that he loves his mommy!!! The first thing he does every morning is get up and find me and give me a big hug! He is so thankful for having hubby and I as parents! Some days it is hard to believe that he truly thinks he got the "great deal"! He has said so many times that "he had the best gift by having us as parents"! WOW! Talk about a "you can have whatever you want" moment! He loves his Daddy the same! He is such a loving child. He doesn't hesitate to show it! I just love that about him. Ethan is a hugger. He is the affectionate one. If I ever meet you and I tell my kids to tell you "HELLO".. watch out, Ethan will be hugging you with that hello! :) and lastly, Ethan LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his baby sister! Sure he can get mad at her, but he is also the one that always gives in to her. He always gives up whatever he has so she can have it. He tries to help her learn new things. He is so patient with her and at times I know it is hard.

Sweet Ethan, I hope today was a lot of fun! Sorry your party is going to be late, but I hope you had a great birthday! I love you so much more than I can express! I am so lucky to be your mommy!!! Happy 7th Birthday, "Eenie"! :)

Thank you Ms. Nancie and Hayden for spending your day with us. We had a great time!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A "i have no pictures" kind of post...

Well, I have been a slacker and not charged my camera! UGHH! Remember me telling you it went dead last weekend.. yes that is right I have gone a whole week without charging it. So in that I missed a lot of things.

Everything is so busy right now and I am so overscheduled a lot of days that it is getting hard for me to keep my calendar straight! Here is an example of how bad it has gotten. Friday night I was dreading going to work, drug myself into work at 6:30pm and didn't have a work load. OK, maybe I have the ER, go ask for the pager.. I don't have the ER.. I am not on the SCHEDULE! I didn't have to work, but on my calendar it said I WORK so I got ready and went off to work, only to be clocked in for six minutes! ha! I was happy driving home.

Ethan plays for the Arkansas Soccer Club. This is his fifth season to play, and he loves it! He had his first soccer game on Tuesday night and another on Saturday morning. We moved him up to the next age level so we could fit baseball into our schedule and I was concerned that he might be in over his head but after he scored five goals in his game I felt a little better. :) He will be fine, he has a real "eye for the ball" according to his coach. He finally has a real team with a name. He is part of the Arkansas Burn! :) Go Burn!!

I have been ironing, hanging and tagging clothes for our consignment sale here. I have to take them and drop them off tomorrow morning. I think I must have overbought for my two children! My house is covered with winter clothes. While I didn't have 30 pairs of shoes for Scarlett last winter like summer, I did have about 20! My goal this year is to skim it down a bit.

I was looking through my pictures on my phone and found this:

I think Ethan is afraid I may forget his birthday! Not a chance! Although I do wish he would just slow down a bit!!!

With all that, there is still a house to be finished, packing to be done and the regular duties of cooking and cleaning! UGH!!! Thankfully Scarlett likes to get in the kitchen and help me. :) Photographer Ethan took a picture of us making spaghetti sauce the other day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day to be remembered...

Today should just be another day on the calendar. It should just be a Thursday like any other day. Today should be September 11, 2008 but it will never JUST be September 11th again. Not after 9/11/01 that changed everything. I remember so vividly that day. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Ethan and was already placed on bed rest so I was confined to my house. I was still in bed when the phone rang and I remember my husband on the other line saying ".. you might want to get up and look at the news, a small plane just hit the World Trade Center...". I got up and by that time they knew it was no small plane, they also knew that something was very, very wrong with another plane. I watched in horror as the second building was hit. I remember my dad calling to check on me, Angie my sister in law came to sit with me knowing I couldn't go anywhere. We watched as t he building collapsed and our world was changed forever. We were so shocked and horrified and at the time felt helpless and defeated.

I remember thinking at that time how could I be bringing a child into this world? How could I be excited when these horrible things were going on right outside my door. Everything was filled with such horrible images but in that we saw the true spirit of America. We came together like never before. There was such pride and such love being shown every where. I think we realized that even though we are truly the greatest nation we are vulnerable. You saw American flags being flown, you saw selfless heroes immerge, you saw a new pride in our nation.

We are so blessed as American's. We live in a country that is free. We can speak our thoughts, vote on our nation's leader, we can truly live in peace. I am reminded daily of how wonderful we have it here in America. On 9/18/01, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The TV was still filled with the horrible images from 9/11, life outside was still turned upside down, there was still great sadness but I knew we as American's would be okay. Feeling defeated and the thoughts of "why would I bring a child into this world" was exactly what the enemy wanted! They wanted us to feel hopeless and like we should " give up" but guess what they didn't get what they wanted! I was so very happy and filled with such pride. My son would know about 9/11, he would be lucky enough to avoid the horrible images but what he would know is the wonderful dedication of our servicemen and women, the "real life" heroes we saw that day, the pride in a great nation. That was not what the enemy wanted but that was what my son would know. He would grow up in a land that was free! He would be so very blessed to be an American!

"Our God is an awesome God! He reigns from Heaven above! With wisdom power and love, our God is an awesome GOD!" What a wonderful song that is and so very true! God is awesome and he watches over our great nation! May he continue to watch over our service men and women that are risking it all daily. May God watch over us as a nation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

WOOO PIG SOOIE for TWO with a piece of GNO

Well, Saturday came and went and the Razorbacks are 2-0! Yippee!! I am not sure the rest of the season will be as exciting. None the less hubby says there is plenty of talent and lots to build on so he will be okay this year if it is not a winning season. But who knows, I have seen it done before. They had the best time at the game. Ethan made a friend and shared popcorn, funnel cakes and lots of football talk with the nice guy that sat beside him. My kids will talk to anybody and if you act like you are listening you might as well get comfortable because they can go on for quite a while. They tailgated before the game. I think Ethan enjoyed that part as much as anything. They packed up hot dogs, chips, dip and cokes. I sent them with a football platter and Razorback cups. They were all fixed for the excitement. Here is a picture of them before they left. Ethan enjoyed the tailgating but was excited to get to the field. When he got home he told me that Fayetteville was fun and the field was nice, but Little Rock was LOUD and likes LOUD! Of course, the game he went to in Fayetteville, we were winning 56-10 and the crowd was dwindling. Leave it to me to forget to charge the camera battery and it went dead on them before they ever made it into the field! I hate that! But that left Scarlett and me alone from 12-11pm! We had a day! Have you ever let a five year old guide the activities? My advice is DON'T! You will be worn out! First we had business to take care of, we had to return soccer cleats and buy different ones. CHECK! and then it was left to Ms. Scarlett to do whatever she wanted so here is how our day went:

1. Lunch because she was "eaty".. which for some reason is what she has always called being hungry. We laughed and had "girl" talk during lunch. She had lots to talk about!
2. Chuck E Cheese to play games. Fifty tokens, 100 tickets, and a plastic headphone set later, we are off to do something else.
3. To the stores to look at "fashion". She wanted to check out the "girly" stuff. So we went off to a few different stores. I did not quite have THIS in mind, but of course this is the sort of thing that got her attention. We tried on every single mask Target had to offer. :)
4. She wants to "make something". We head off to Hobby Lobby and get a kit to make you own garden stones. Looks messy! YEAH! She wanted to make her own BLING shirt but I talked her out of that for now.
5. Guess what.. she is "eaty" again! So we grab some nuggets at Wendy's and that makes her happy.
6. Target and rummage the dollar shop. She finds a cool microphone to go with her headphones. She is ready to go home and make her "stuff".
7. We make the garden stone. Turns out really cute, and now that I have a picture added you can see it, too. :)
8. We spent the last hour making a video. Actually we made several videos. She had her microphone and her headset (she tossed it) and she went to town. She was a SUPERSTAR!

A while back I told her I was going to send her to Hollywood! She had so much drama and sass that she would be just perfect. She was happy with that and wanted to be a Star.. until we got home. Mean little Ethan got the map out and showed her where we live and where Hollywood is and that was the end of that. Don't even mention sending her to Hollywood! She gets very upset! ha! Hope you enjoy her videos. We have an hours worth of singing, acting and even her bear, Kia, got in on the action. Scarlett made a movie starring Kia. Apparently at some point she had my phone and was taking lots of pictures. I just found about twenty shots of Scarlett making faces on my phone.

***Just in case you are wondering, the first song is "Burning Up" from the Jonas Brothers, witha few ad libs from Scarlett. Such as "I could look cool, or I could sit in JAIL!" definitely not what they say, I looked it up to be sure! ha! and the second song is "This is Me" from Demi Lovato. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Randomness

I should be up getting my winter clothes ironed and tagged for the consignment sale coming up, I should be at the "new" house painting, I should be getting the house clean.. lots of "SHOULD BE's" but for now I am wasting time on the internet! One of my favorite past times. I started looking for the kids Halloween costumes. Our catalog came yesterday so that got me to thinking about this year and what the kids would be for Halloween. Ethan seems to pick a theme and stay with it for a while. He was a Power Ranger for two years, and apparently this will be the third year he is a character from Star Wars. We have been a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader, and this year he has decided on Jango Fett. Scarlett on the other hand has always let me pick her costume out. Of course I knew just what she wanted to be. She has been JoJo the Clown (which is still one of my favorite costumes), Minnie Mouse and a witch. I just loved the little witch last year. I dressed up, too and had the best time. It was the first time I had dressed up since I was little. This year I am trying to decide what I can be for Halloween, too. Scarlett decided she wants to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I think she just wants to carry a basket with a stuffed puppy.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love Friday night football games, cool morning soccer games, and all the beautiful color. I just LOVE fall. I love decorating for fall! I love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and taking pictures. My mom always makes Scarlett he cutest outfits to wear to the Pumpkin Patch. I just LOVE them! Here is an older picture of my mom and Scarlett. She loves her Nana SO MUCH! If I don't give her the right answer, AKA the Scarlett answer, then she wants to go to her Nana's house!
So, with all that said I am SO excited to start gearing up for fall! Ethan had his first soccer practice this morning. I raced out at 8am to buy him new soccer cleats since we discovered last night his from the Spring were too small and I got home and found out I was no longer "with it". He didn't like the cleats I picked out so I have to back to the sports store and return them. I think I may have reached the age that my taste is no longer cool to a ALMOST seven year old little boy! :) Ethan always looks so cute to me with his big soccer back pack on and his mis match clothes. I was told it was okay for soccer players to have on socks that don't match their shorts. Go figure. After practice hubby and Ethan are off to the Razorback game. Ethan is so excited! He just LOVES his Razorbacks. They bought a new tailgate grill and everything. They are going to do the "boys things" all day! Scarlett and I will be left home alone. What on Earth will we do??? I am sure we will come up with something fun for a girl's night.

How's that for some weekend randomness? We have a busy schedule ahead of us so I am sure there will be lots to post. Baseball starts Monday night, first soccer game Tuesday, OH BOY! Our NFL kick off party at our house is Monday night. Fall is truly arriving! :) I am so excited!!!

Have a great weekend! GO Razorbacks!!!!