Thursday, April 16, 2009


I can not believe it has been over two months since I posted... oops! I am not sure when and where I forgot about the blog, but I will go back and post all the fun stuff we have been doing. Mostly for me, but any of you out there that still check in, we have been doing great and doing LOTS of fun things. :)During this two month hiatus Ethan has become a total love of all things "Titanic". He read about it, watches shows about it and just all around want to learn more about it. We built our very own Titanic out of boxes. The kids had so much fun painting and decorating the box. Hans Solo, Storm Troopers and many army men were kind enough to join us on our journey aboard the ship. :)Last night we decided we would host our very own Titanic dinner in honor of the anniversary. The kids made a sign and decorated it to welcome all the guest aboard the Titanic.
They dressed up, and entered the "ship" (which was decorated by them) and sat down to their menus. They enjoyed mom and her very fake accent. I even had the glasses "tinged" at me a few times so they could change their order, or add to it. :) A few times I think it was even just for the fun of it.

The kids had a great meal. They chose their own meat and dessert and enjoyed their appetizers. This was such a fun night for all of us. I think we will have to make this something we do every year. :) I am sure by next year the kids will be into something else and we will have to plan a dinner around that theme.
We got the "good dishes" out and fancy glasses. They sat at the table by themselves and were so sweet. We even had a question and answer time for the Titanic guest. Although at this point, I think Ethan knows more about the Titanic than any of the rest of us.
They enjoyed the meal and laughed profusely at Chef Daddy. He had already caught Scarlett's eye in this picture. He just put his chef hat on and she found that very funny.

Not sure Chef Daddy was thrilled about the hat. But I can tell you that he got another big laugh this morning when I uploaded the picture. :)
all those pictures and that was just last night! !! I am going to have a hard time catching up on two months worth of things. I have missed my blogging and missed reading everybodies blogs. It is time for me get caught up on all of you!!! If your still around and checking in.. I"M BAAAACK! :)