Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's this? A post? Oh My! Inspiration has finally hit me! :)

I have been inspired to start my blog back. My "little" brother, Matthew, started blogging and his New Year's resolution was to blog more. What a great idea! So, I decided to clean up the ole blog and get started again. Hopefully this time I will be a little more faithful to the blog.

Matt and Dana announced at Christmas that they were expecting their first child. How exciting! I was so excited for them. That means I get to be an aunt again! New little baby to hold and love! Wonderful. I just read Matt's blog post about his "Three Expectations of Being a Dad" and he was looking for some feedback so I thought I would share some advice and words of wisdom.

1. Throw out any and all expectations you have of yourself or your wife. I remember reading books and thinking of all the things I would not do. Definitely having a child would not change my life, nothing would be different. WRONG! There were days I would sit in the chair all day and just hold Ethan. Several times a day I would find myself crying as I held him still amazed that this beautiful child was mine. So, don't expect to understand any of it until you are holding the baby and then everything changes in an instant.

2. Enjoy these nine months. Be there for the doctors appointments. Do the little things Dana wants. Lean on each other, talk about all the changes. Having your first child is such a precious time in a marriage. These nine months are going to be filled with excitement, fear, worry, ... just about every emotion you can think of. Enjoy it all! Be there for it all! Share your thoughts with each other. This will strengthen your marriage as the time passes.

3. Definitely be totally involved. There is nothing that makes a wife love their husband more than seeing them hold their child. Watching your husband love and nurture this child you created is an amazing blessing. So, you are right, don't be afraid to invest time, love and all emotion on your child. You will not regret it. But yes, there are still times that saying "Go ask your mother" will be accepted. Some things we just do better. :)

4. You can never, ever show too much emotion. The "I love you's", the kisses and hugs all come pretty freely but there will never be too much of them. Ethan still gets up every morning and comes right to me for a kiss and a hug. I love it! There is nothing better than having the love of a child.

5. Being parents is a huge responsibility. It is a little scary at first. There is no manual, no rulebook to follow. Trust your instincts, trust your knowledge and always do what you feel is best for your child and your family. Even if it is not the norm.

I am so happy for Dana and you! I know you will both be wonderful parents! Jack and I are always here if you have any questions or need anything. We don't always get things right, but I feel like we are doing a pretty good job with the gifts of children we were given. I am so excited and love you both!