Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learning to thrive....

"No more do I want to just survive, but I want to thrive. A flower that survives is prone to whither and never reach full bloom. I want to thrive and blossom in the splendor God has created me to be. " A friend posted that on Facebook, and I loved it! How often do we forget it is OUR choice how we handle life's challenges, changes and adversities. We can learn to just COPE, or learn to THRIVE.

This year has been one of those years for me. Many challenges have been faced, many changes have came and all brought their share of adversity. I have learned that I am not a fan of change. But who really is? I know God has said he will never give you more than you can handle...but at times I have wanted to say "okay God, thats enough". I feel like I have just been "surviving", I want to learn to thrive, to really feel alive and appreciate all the beautiful things around me every second.

Learning to trust yourself, and believing that you are your own worst enemy, but you are also your best asset. Learning to thrive and become the "beautiful splendor God has created you to be". What an awesome thought. Learning to let go of WHO you think you are and becoming what GOD planned you to be. I want to become that person. I once read a blog that brought up a good point. Standing in front of the mirror we see the imperfections, wrinkles, extra weight, etc... but if you look deeper you see YOU, the person that loves, and gives, and is courageous but has fears and doubts. It stated we are "Beautifully imperfect and perfectly beautiful, you are all possibilities happening at the same time."

Day to day I struggle between my own humanness and the person buried deep inside me that wants so much more, wants to express much more and wants to do and be much more. I want to become that person. I want to live a life fully knowing I am at least trying to follow God's plan, rather than ignoring or running. I want not only for myself to thrive but I want my family to thrive. I want to be closer, do more and be more. I want to love more, express more love and I want to always be an example my children can be proud to call MOM. I have failed that many times, and let myself down, but more than that I have let my kids down.

I'm going to quit avoiding change and uncertainty because it might be uncomfortable, it might be a tough adjustment, but I am going to lean into the change and learn to thrive in it. Learn to trust that God has equipped me, and I am capable of handling whatever is in front of me. KNOW that I have what I need and learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. This will be a new journey for me, but it will be the journey that saves myself and my family. I hope we become a change that others see.